Our Story

Write me in… where to begin…. 

Well Exit4 came out with ‘An Ordinary Tragedy’ in 2008.  We toured with it, played shows to nobody, played giant shows with lots of people, had songs from it in your favorite MTV shows and ‘Your Eyes’ was even in Keeping up with the Kardashians.  I think if we play the 600 degrees of Kanye West we actually might connect.  But that’s not why we made it.  We had a blast making music together as best friends and just loved the chance to play songs together.
Here we are 6 years later and we’re putting out a new EP.  No, we’re not Exit4 anymore.  A lot of people ask about that.  Exit4 has had more former members than there’s been Fast and the Furious sequels.  Exit4 will always be a band I started with my brother and incorporated with my best friend Dameon.  We tracked some singles in the time off but never put together anything to release.  But tracking those singles led us to meet Tommy Wnuks and with the addition of our longtime brother Jordan MacDermott we decided to put together ‘The Narrowcast’.   
Now I will always write poprock Exit4 jams but these guys add their own personal flare which I think brings them to life.  So what’s a narrowcast?  Well, it’s the opposite of a broadcast, which is a mass message to send to everyone.  This message isn’t for everyone.  Our songs aren’t for everyone.  Hopefully you will connect with them but if not that’s cool too. 
We hope you enjoy this EP because we had quite an adventure making it.  Special thanks to all of our family and friends and anyone who believed in us.  From rides to the airport to donating online.  This is for anyone who came out to ever see us or listened to a song online.... we’ve got a killer family out behind us.